Design and Tech

40D Nylon face fabric

We developed the 40D ripstop nylon face fabric to hit the balance between weight and durability. On the inside we apply a bright white TPU to make the fabric airtight and weldable. On the outside we apply a thin coating to reduce the slipperiness of the surface, increase puncture strength and to aid puncture repair with self-adhesive patches.

20D Nylon internal fabric

We also developed a lightweight 20D nylon laminated with TPU on both surfaces to create a strong double sided weldable fabric. This is used for the interior of our double layer, offset Air Sprung Cellâ„¢ mats.

Extrusion TPU lamination

Our TPU coating is applied through a process unique to the medical and aeronautical industries. Extrusion lamination is more durable, consistent and enables us to use our own TPU recipe. It is vastly superior to roll-to-roll lamination, which is used in all other outdoor products at present and can suffer from delamination issues.

We have also introduced an anti-microbial treatment into the TPU to prevent mould or fungal growth inside the mattress. While we do have two superb pump options, the Air stream or Jet stream, the anti-microbial treatment means you can go ultra-light and inflate with your breath.