Q. It seems that Sea to Summit has created some very nice sleeping bags, however I do miss the subject about animal welfare on your website. The reason that I have some of your products is because of your outdoor ethics: Leave no trace. But I would be very disappointed if those ethics do not included the raw materials for your products and especially animal welfare.


Sea to Summit firmly believes in the humane treatment of animals regardless of circumstance. We do not use any down that has been ‘live plucked’. All down supplied by our vendors are from ducks and geese that are harvested for the meat industry, therefore the down and feathers are collected as a by-product. The down is collected after the birds have been processed and are no longer alive. Sea to Summit routinely ensures our vendors operate in strict adherence to their own animal welfare policies, furthermore our down shipments are batch certified to guarantee that the down is harvested by appropriate means throughout the supply chain.

Q. What colours do they come in?


The sleeping bags only come in one colour option for each series. The Alpine ApII and ApIII are red with a black lining. The Traverse XtI and XtII are green with a black lining. The Micro McII and McIII are silver grey with a black lining. The Trek TkI, TkII and TkII are charcoal with an orange lining.