Design and Tech


Anatomically Tapered Box Foot

The natural position your feet will take when lying flat is relaxed at ease and slightly stretched out. The anatomically cut box foot mirrors this by tapering in three directions. There is a vertical taper from the toe to the heel that matches the relaxed form of your feet. Along the outer edge of your foot there is a trapezoidal taper that provides a form fit, keeping down close to your extremities to prevent cold feet. From the top view, there is an outward taper from the ankles to the feet. This creates room for your toes to have great circulation and traps warmth in the foot box. This design exists in the Alpine, Latitude, Talus and Spark bags.


All Sea to Summit sleeping bags use YKK zips. The Alpine, Latitude, Talus, Micro and Trek series use YKK #5 reverse zips which allows you to unzip the sleeping bag from top and bottom for temperature regulation.

Alpine, Latitude, Talus, Micro and Trek bags are fitted with the same zip length in all sizes, allowing them to be zipped together in any combination of model and size.

The  Traveller series uses a lightweight YKK #3 zip. The Spark features a 1/3 length closed end zip and cannot be zipped to another bag.


Anti-Snag Zip System
antisnag Neatly hidden in the draft tube is a super high density 210D Poly cloth. This fabric is exceptionally stiff and was originally engineered for use in high performance race sails. The lightweight, durable, stiff finish provides an excellent zipper anti-snag.The stiff anti-snag lines the draft tube and lining fabric, preventing loose fabric from snagging as you zip the bag open and closed.
Hood Design

The Alpine, Latitude, Talus and Spark series use 3D compound differential cut patterning. This forms a shape that naturally traps warmth where it is most essential. The Micro and Trek series use a two dimensional cut. These hoods easily pull into a form fitted profile using the dual adjustment drawcord.

Internal Drawcords
drawcordsgreendrawcordsblue Around the perimeter of the hood an internally constructed drawcord tunnel ensures the cord is buried deep within the down. When drawn closed the hood forms a comfortable seal around your face. A low profile Nifco dual cord adjuster is used for comfort and durability, offering a versatile fit. The hood closure uses a non stretch cord for refined adjustment, while the neck collar uses an elastic cord to stretch with you as you move in the bag.
Security Pocket
securitypocket A large Security pocket is located inside the chest area which can fit a passport and wallet or be used to stow your electronic devices. An anti-snag coupled with a YKK Invisible Zip ensures an ultra low profile for comfort against the skin.