Design and Tech

NanoShell™ Face

The NanoShell™ Face used in the 3D NanoShell™ is a high density weave 20 denier Polyester ripstop with a Nano DWR finish. The Nano DWR is a surface treatment that makes the fabric extremely water repellent without compromising breathability. Nano DWR is more durable than standard DWR as it uses nano sized particles of water repellent to treat the fabric. These very small particles can attach to the fabric fibres in much greater quantity and adhere better, therefore lasting longer.

The NanoShell™ Face used in the 2D NanoShell™ is a high density weave 20 denier Nylon ripstop with microporous coating and treated with a DWR finish.

Lining 850+ and 750+ Loft Series

The lining fabric of the 850+ and 750+ series is a high density weave 20 denier Polyester with a cire finish and soft touch hand feel. This material is breathable, light and incredibly durable for its weight.

2D PermaShell™

2D PermaShell™ fabric used in our Trek series bags is a high density weave 33 denier Nylon with a DWR finish. This material is highly vapour permeable and down proof by construction.

Lining 650+ Loft Series

The lining material of the Trek series is a high density weave 40 denier Nylon. This fabric is engineered for comfort using a high filament count to achieve a soft surface and silky hand feel.

UL 15 Denier Nylon

To shave weight, we use a high density downproof 15 Denier Nylon fabric for the reversible shell/inner faces of the Traveller and for the lining of the Spark.

Coats Poly Core Thread

For over 20 years Sea to Summit have been using Coats threads. Coats are an industry leader, making the highest quality thread. For sleeping bags we use a Poly Core thread. This is very strong and abrasion resistant. If wet, this thread swells in the stitch hole therefore reducing water entry through stitching and down loss through seams.