Ultra-Dry Down

In almost four decades of skiing and mountaineering I’ve slept outdoors more times than I can remember. On most occasions I’ve relied on a wondrous natural material to ward off the cold and allow me to sleep soundly. That same material has kept me alive on dozens of forays to extreme altitudes, including two climbs to the top of Mount Everest unassisted by bottled oxygen. That material is of course down. Without down to fill jackets, suits and sleeping bags, no lightweight escapade into cold, beautiful wild places would be possible.

I’ve owned many different sleeping bags but I’ve never been entirely happy with any of them, they’ve always suffered a few inadequacies, some of which over time have really annoyed me – like snagging zips, poorly fitted hoods, cold spots, day-to-day growing dampness and difficult drawcords. So for a long time at Sea to Summit we have thought about this most basic outdoor necessity and wondered how, by using new materials and a fresh take on design, we could come up with a range of bags that eliminated those problems and delivered much better performance. Now at last I can confidently say we have done that!

To celebrate and mark our twentieth year, we bring you the most advanced sleeping bags available – they are lighter, warmer (for their weight), easier to use and combat moisture better than any other bags yet.

If the weight and performance of your gear is important to you, I believe our sleeping bags set a new benchmark.

Tim Macartney – Snape, Founder of Sea to Summit