STS_ATD_Carabiner Tie Down 2pk
STS_ATD_Carabiner Tie Down 2pkSTS_ATD_Carabiner Tie Down 2pk_in use2STS_ATD_Carabiner Tie Down 2pk_in use

Carabiner Tie Down 2PK

Product Description

Traditional tie downs can be a hassle because they need to be turned into a single loop to tension. This can be an issue if the tail end needs to be threaded through small gaps or tight bends to finish the loop. The Carabiner Tie Down offers two-point anchoring to make securing your load quicker and more convenient that ever. Constructed from UV protected 28mm polyester, easy feed webbing and a rugged metal cam buckle to achieve a lash capacity of 150kg AS/NZS4380.

  • Carabiner and webbing loop attachment system at both ends
  • Lashing capacity 150kg
  • Durable silicone cam protection
  • Colour coded according to size
  • Includes elastic loop to keep strap rolled up
  • UV protected 28mm polyester, easy feed webbing
  • Available in 3 Colour Coded Lengths – 2m/6.5ft Lime/Grey, 3m/10ft Orange/Green and 4m/13ft Blue/Red