STS_ABLL_Bomber Loop Lock
STS_ABLL_Bomber Loop LockSTS_ABLL_Bomber Loop Lock_in use

Bomber Loop Lock

Product Description

The Loop Lock is a two-piece tie down with bar-tacked loops at each end. By feeding the webbing tail through the loop the tie down can be locked to two seperate anchor points for versatile and secure attachment. This product is a simple hybrid between the versatile attachment options of the Carabiner Tie Down and the great value of the Bomber Tie Down.

  • Double bar-tacked loops at both ends
  • Lashing Capacity up to 125kg AS/NZS 4380
  • Heavy Duty die cast buckle with Silicone Protector Pad
  • 25mm polyester easy feed webbing, UV stabilised
  • Includes excess webbing retainer
  • Available in 3 Colour Coded Lengths – 2m/6.5ft Lime/Grey, 3m/10ft Orange/Green and 4m/13ft Blue/Red