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UltraSil® Dry Sacks

Product Description

The new Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil® Dry Sacks are more than 50% lighter than our super popular Dry Sacks. They’re made of Siliconized Cordura®, which is one of the lightest and toughest waterproof nylon fabrics available. Now you don’t have to choose between keeping your gear dry and keeping it light.


  • Ultra-Sil® 30D siliconised high-tenacity Cordura® nylon fabric for exceptional strength
  • Ultra-Sil® fabric has a 2,000mm waterhead
  • Non-wicking Hypalon roll-top closure with stiffener at the top for an improved seal
  • Fully seam sealed for water resistance
  • Translucent for easy visibility of contents
  • Slippery finish for easy packing
  • Round base in all sizes
  • Use: backpackers, cycling touring, travellers


Base x Height Volume Weight
ø11 x 24cm 1L 20g
ø13 x 29cm 2L 23g
ø15 x 33cm 4L 26g
ø17 x 46cm 8L 30g
ø22 x 53cm 13L 40g
ø25 x 61cm 20L 50g
ø30 x 70cm 35L 65g


Proper Use:

  1. Any roll-top dry sack must be closed properly to ensure water can’t get in. Begin by folding the Hypalon™ strip down first and be sure to have at least three rolls before closing the buckle.
  2. Avoid contact with sharp objects or subjecting the sack to high abrasion, as this could compromise the waterproof fabric.
  3. Like all manufacturers of roll-top, fabric dry sacks, Sea to Summit recommends that sensitive electronic devices be ‘double bagged’ (i.e. putting electronics inside one dry sack then placing this inside a second dry sack). For maximum protection, the use of a waterproof hard case should be considered.
  4. Not intended for situations where dry sack will be submerged under water.

NB: While our Drysacks are designed to protect gear from rain and water dunking accidents they cannot guarantee to protect electronic gear when fully submerged. For this we recommend fully rated IPX standard diving protection cases.