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Tek Towel

Product Description

The Tek Towel™ is the most luxurious-feeling microfiber towel on the market. Super absorbent and  quick drying, this towel is ideal for travel as well as other activities including: camping, boating, going to the gym, pool or beach or drying the dogs off after a swim. The mesh/Nylon zippered pouch is oval shaped, allowing more towels to be displayed on a peg.


  • Microfibre fabric that has a natural terry cloth feel
  • Our most absorbent towel available
  • Oval-shaped zippered mesh pouch allows more towels per peg
  • Snap-on hang loop and rounded corners
  • Machine washable
  • Greater surface area means fast drying time
  • Absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in water

Description Dimensions Weight
Tek Towel XS 30 x 60cm 80g
Tek Towel S 40 x 80cm 140g
Tek Towel M 50 x 100cm 200g
Tek Towel L 60 x 120cm 285g
Tek Towel XL 75 x 150cm 445g

TekTowel colours