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INTRO :: X-Series

Product Description

Made from flexible food grade silicone, the collapsible X-Series is light weight, compact and durable. All of the pieces are calibrated as measuring cups, with measurements imprinted on the inside.

Sea to Summit’s X-Series has been a popular and comprehensive range of collapsible dinnerware for years. The range was designed to be extremely compact, made from good quality materials, and a colourful addition to your pack. The X-Series has now extended into cookware with hard anodised aluminium bases allowing campstove cooking. The products collapse and nestle inside each other to form compact cooking and eating sets that to suit any activity and group size.

  • Lightweight and durable 6063-T6, hard anodised aluminium base.
  • Food grade, heat resistant silicone walls fold down for convenient transport.
  • Translucent, durable plastic shortens boil time and allows finer temperature control.
  • Ribbed silicone handles secure the X-Pot lid during transport.
  • X-Series nest together to form a compact cooking and dining set.
  • X-Sets are also available in various combinations: X-Set33, X-Set32, X-Set31, X-Set21, X-Set11, X-Set3 & X-Set2.

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Description Weight Dimension/Volume Colour
X-Pot Kettle 1.3L 186g 15.3 x 9cm Lime
X-Pot 1.4L 250g 19 x 6.4cm Orange
X-Pot 2.8L 325g 21.34 x 11.5cm Grey or Blue
X-Pot 4L 510g 21 x 3.5cm Red
X-Pan 8″ 245g 21 x 3.5cm Orange handles
X-Plate 164g 1170ml Orange, blue, lime, Pacific Blue, Grey, Red
XL-Bowl 110g 1150ml Orange, blue, lime, Pacific Blue, Grey, Red
X-Bowl 80g 650ml Orange, blue, lime, Pacific Blue, Grey, Red
X-Mug 60g 480ml Orange, blue, lime, Pacific Blue, Grey, Red
X-Shot 24g 75ml Orange, blue, lime, Pacific Blue, Grey, Red

X-Pot Icons