Alpha_threepiece 616x616
Alpha_threepiece 616x616MF_20120517_0028Alpha_fork 616x616Alpha_knife 616x616Alpha_longhandled 616x616Alpha_spoon 616x616Alpha_spork 616x616Alpha_threepiece 616x616Alpha_twopiece 616x616

Alpha Light

Product Description

Made from ultralight hard anodised aircraft alloy. The smooth matt finished aluminium comes hardened for safe, life long use. Items include a carabiner to keep pieces together.


  • Tough and lightweight for life long use
  • Comes with a carabiner to keep items together
Description Weight
Long Spoon 12g
Spoon 9g
Spork 9g
 Fork 6g
Knife 7g
Alpha Light Sets
Knife and Spork Set 16g
Knife, Fork and Spoon Set 22g