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Escapist 15D Tarp / Inners

Product Description

Escape to the wild with the versatile and ultra-leightweight tarp shelter for minimalist adventurers

Escapist 15D Tarp

The Escapist is made from our waterproof 15D Sil/PU coated Ultra-Sil®
 Nano fabric. The eight Hypalon tie-out points will each hold the tip of a trekking pole and have cord adjuster and reflective guy lines preattached. These eight versatile points help the Escapist achieve a wide variety of setup options and also attach easily to the Escapist Mesh Inners, available separately.

The Large Escapist Tarp is 3 x 3m, weighs 350g and can comfortably sleep two when set up as an A-frame. It also makes a good tent awning or sun shelter.

The Medium Escapist is 2 x 2.6m, weighs 270g and protects two sleepers from the rain when set up close to the ground as an A-Frame.



  • Made from 15 Denier Sil/PU coasted 1,200mm waterhead rated Nylon
  • Eight Hypalon and bar-track reinforced tie-out points
  • Extremly leightweight and compact 
Code Description Size Weight (ss + guys)
AESCTARPM Escapist 15D Tarp – Medium 2 x 2.6m 257g
AESCTARPL Escapist 15D Tarp – Large 3 x 3m 402g

Escapist Inners
Sometimes persistent insects or splash from a hard rain threaten to ruin a good trip. Our Escapist Mesh Inners have no poles and are designed to hang under our Escapist Tarps. They can also be pitched without an Escapist Tarp by using trekking poles, guy lines, trees and pegs.

The Ultra-Mesh Bug Tent has a 15D Ultra-Sil® Nano tape seamed tub floor with generous splash skirt and has a zippered door. In heavy rain an extra ground sheet is recommended.
The Ultra-Vis Bug Net is contructed of incredibly light 80 hole/cm2 15D mesh. It pegs down and/or tucks under your sleeping mats. A minimalist bug shelter, the inside is accessed by lifting a corner.

Ultra-Mesh Bug Tent

  • 15D Ultra-Sil® Nano floor and walls with curved zip entrance
  • Ultra-Mesh upper is strong and durable

Ultra-Vis Bug Net

  • Made entirely from 15D Ultra-Vis mesh with 80 holes/cm2
  • Features a pull-cord skirt without a floor to reduce weight and bulk
Code Description Size Weight
AESCUMBUGTENT Escapist Ultra-Mesh Bug Tent 2.2×1.2x1m 385g
AESCUVBUGNET Escapist Ultra-Vis™ Bug Net 2.2×1.2x1m 140g

Escapist Groundsheet

A Tyvek ground sheet is invaluable for protecting your gear from ground water, thorns, mud and dirt. Our Tyvek Groundsheet is sized to fit under either of the Escapist mesh Inners. It is a very tough, waterproof material that sheds mud and water easily.

Code Description Size Weight
AESCGS Escapist Groundsheet 2.2 x 1.2m 165g


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