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DryLite™ Towel

Product Description

Our DryLite™ Towels are not only soft and super absorbent, they also have a permanent antibacterial treatment. The permanent silver treatment is internationally recognised, having been approved by the EPA (USA), amongst other standards. The treatment impedes the growth of bacteria and other microbial life without the use of ‘nano’ particles. The result is a towel that doesn’t smell or transmit unwelcome bacteria. It stays fresher
for longer, dries you off then dries itself quickly and packs down small and light.


  • Antibacterial silver treatment
  • Microfibre with super soft ultra suede finish
  • New mesh-faced storage pouch
  • Remarkably absorbent and fast drying
  • Lighter and more compact than the Tek Towel™
  • Press-stud tab for convenient hanging
  • Machine washable


By using Microfibre rather than natural fibres like cotton, the Drylite Towel can absorb many times its own weight in water, yet can be wrung out very efficiently and allowed to dry, which means less time waiting for your towel to be ready to pack away


Description Dimensions Weight
DryLite™ Towel XS 30 x 60cm 37g
DryLite™ Towel S 40 x 80cm 62g
DryLite™ Towel M 50 x 100cm 100g
DryLite™ Towel L 60 x 120cm 145g
DryLite™ Towel XL 75 x 150cm 230g



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